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Our Leadership

Omnicom is led by a stable management team with world-class experience and skills in marketing, finance and corporate management. The company’s creative culture, profitability and financial discipline have been maintained throughout an era of extraordinary change in marketing and communications. Our leaders collaborate to drive Omnicom's business forward through a relentless drive for talent development, client service, innovation and operational excellence.

  • John D. Wren -

    John D. Wren

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

  • Philip J. Angelastro -

    Philip J. Angelastro

    Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

  • Andrew Castellaneta -

    Andrew Castellaneta

    Senior Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer

  • Asit Mehra -

    Asit Mehra

    Executive Vice President

  • Jonathan Nelson -

    Jonathan Nelson

    CEO, Omnicom Digital

  • Michael J. O'Brien -

    Michael J. O'Brien

    Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

  • Rita E. Rodriguez -

    Rita E. Rodriguez

    Executive Vice President

  • Peter Sherman -

    Peter Sherman

    Executive Vice President

  • Peter Swiecicki -

    Peter Swiecicki

    Senior Vice President, Finance and Controller

  • Tiffany R. Warren -

    Tiffany R. Warren

    Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer